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43 years already !
A Success story: Supervision et Surveillance de résidences Mont-Tremblant Inc. is a family- run business.
Native of Saint-Jovite ( today Mont-Tremblant )
Pierre Cloutier is working at The Auberge Gray Rocks, when he decides , in 1976, to start a business in Property Management.
It does not take long for him to get well known,in the area.
Mostly owners of secondary residences,vacation homes.
His middle class and upscale “Clientele” increases gradually, so well, that he will eventually work at it , full time.
Through the years, bonds of friendship and trust will be builded, some developed for generations.
Times have changed a lot since 1976. There were challenges, adaptation.
Since then, new services were added. Spa and Pool Maintenance, and more.
But one aspect has not changed. The importance of Customer service.
The Bond of trust between the Owner and his Property Manager.
You cannot put a price on that.
That is the heritage, that Pierre has passed on to his son Simon
In November 2013, who will soon take over with the same trademark, Service.

What we offer

  • A turn-key personalized service
  • A quality assurance
  • The peace of mind
  • The experience

Our team

Pierre Cloutier
Pierre CloutierPresident and founder
Operation director
Simon Cloutier
Simon CloutierAssociate and share holder
Operation supervisor